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Who We Are


excellence "on budget"


     excellence = "the quality of being outstanding or extremely good."

Outstanding in business lingo means attracting and keeping good customers. Our goal is not just "pretty" but"captivating" so we can hold someone's attention long enough to get your message across. Everyone is busy and in order to to catch the eye you cannot just have text and pictures and call it "good." We strive to creatively sell your business and meet the need of your clients to be inspired enough by your web presence to give you a shot at fulfilling it! We hope we have done that for you with our website.


We are a small website company located about and hour west of Redding in Northern California. We will gladly do work in all of Trinity and Shasta counties. We specialize in doing small to medium size business websites that will look perfect no matter what type of device your potential customer is using.  We also excel at keeping your costs low by allowing you options for maintaining your site without having to pay a professional to do everything. We offer fast turn around time on budget and would love to sit down for a free consultation to get you on the web.



Our Stuff

We use state of the art "stuff" to marry the concepts of excellence and budget. We all have a budget - in order to get to excellent you have to make tracks - kick gravel and travel! The only we can do that is with the best that the industry has to offer. So we have spent a lot of dough on computers, tablets, and above all software. We use Macs for all graphic work and iPads for composition and creativity - then use PC's - iPhones and Android products for screenability and cross browser testing. We use software that is kept up to date constantly so all of our sites are safe, reliable and will actually work in the real world. It is expensive to keep the tech section up - but it is worth it as time is our most valuable resource. As in the construction trades - the guy with the most tools wins in the end!


Vision? Screens? Tech? What?

Here's the deal - you may have a great website - but if somebody looks at it on their iPhone 20 or Galaxy 42 and they need a new set of bifocals to read it - your website is broke and you better fix it quick - 'cause you about ready to lose some business!

We are also a family...

That's Diana, my proofreader and wife of 36 years - Derek our youngest at Simpson U and me - Rod Page

Home       Who We Are         Why We Exist         Our Work

Why We Exist

iPages Web Design works hard for the purpose of providing excellent websites that showcase in a captivating way, the products and services of their clients on any web device that potential customers may choose. We do this in a quick turnaround,with unbelievable pricing, and attention to detail using the latest technologies.


But Why Do We Exist?

To make the website process as good as possible,  as easy as possible - easy on the budget - easy on your mind!

We work hard and smart so you can do what you do - get business and make more money!

Home       Who We Are         Why We Exist         Our Work

Our Work

Below are some of our customers that we have worked with recently. They are from different walks of life - have way different approaches to their business. But they have one thing in common - iPages does their website work. All of them have been with us for over five years. If you like what you see here then call or email us. We will meet you at your convenience and get things going fast!

more info


iPages Website $399.00

Description: Scrollable one page website similar to home page of iPages website.


That's it! One price to rule them all!!! lol


But wait - you say... hold the phone! I have to jack it up and put all of the dilithium crystal on hyper-drive! Ok, ok...calm down....how about...this...


Custom logo design - animation - movie editing and other flashy stuff to really grab your customers - we can do that too - it is billed at $35.00 per hour

with a bid possible beforehand.

Ready to launch your very own website? Click this link and sign up at inMotion hosting - our favorite U.S. based hosting service. Yes they speak your language

at in Motion hosting and give great service and are helpful. Once you have login information including your password information please forward to us and we will

get started right away on your brand new website. We can hardly wait to make your business more prosperous. By the way - they are very reasonable with a basic

site around $5,00 per month for a business site that includes everything you really need.




More HELP!  ...Other Stuff/Info/Details that may or may not be helpful:

Editing Your Site

Adobe Muse CC

If you have an Adobe Muse website and want to edit the content - (the iPages Website is built on this platform)  then click here.

Enter the web address of your website and then enter the login information I have provided in your closing document. If you get

stuck then go back to the main page (before logging in) and click on "Get Help."


Word Press

If you have a Word Press site you can also edit the contents of your site. Be careful - you can do damage to the site if you are not

careful with it. To get to the dashboard simply type your website url followed by /wp-admin/ and you will come to a login screen.

Enter the login information provided in your closing document and you can start editing.  For more information about Word Press

click on this link.


Email Help

Email on a web server is a good thing, until it is broken and then it is a pain. The most common complaint is that your mailbox is full.

This can be fixed by logging into your web server (credentials are provided in your closing document) and going to your mail box and

deleting old emails by the dozen. If you want me to do that I can and will be glad to help and then send you a bill for the work. If you

want to avoid a full box then access using the IMAP  protocol you will probably avoid reading about in your closing document. If you

have set up your email account on your iphone or android or even on your laptop as a POP account you are not deleting emails on the

server but only on your device so beware of that. It is better to take a minute and switch to IMAP for email accounts you use everyday.

Usually your hosting server company will have a help area - it may be called knowledge base etc. Go there and learn all you can. If you

go to the Control Panel - be careful about the settings you change.  If you get stuck call or better yet email.


Further Help

If something comes up and your website is not available don't panic (quite yet anyway) but be patient and see if it is running after an

hour. Sometimes servers go down - electrical storms happen - maintenance is being done - something! If however it does not come

back in an hour please call us immediately.  Usually there is a way to fix it.





for more of this fun insanity - my friend and fellow pastor who lives in Willow Creek - Josh Stevens - keeps his funny stuff here.

now...time for a little fun! (since our last kid started college this year...Yes! I do believe in subliminal ads!)

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contact iPages Web Design  |  Phone Call (530) 778-3990



contact iPages Web Design  |  Phone Call (530) 778-3990



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contact iPages Web Design  |  Phone Call (530) 778-3990







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